Adrinne & Elvis

By: admin | Posted on: September 14th, 2011

Adrinne & Elvis“Elvis used to be the “king” of the house. He also thought he was invincible and would try and attack larger breeds of dogs when we would take him for walks.
After doing the Basic Obedience¬†training, Matthew taught us the skills to deal with his aggression and he is now a much calmer dog.¬†We are just about to finish up the Off-Leash Obedience class, and we are looking forward to training him in the Agility. We also do the weekly Group Class, which has really helped with his aggression when walking him past large dogs. Thanks to Matthias, we have a well-trained dog that we can take anywhere and not have to worry about him getting into trouble.”

Adrinne Slinger

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