Ann, Bill & Juno

By: admin | Posted on: September 15th, 2011

Juno“We are proud owners of a pup from Gwena’s last litter, via Matthias. Her name is Juno and she is the love of our life.

I knew Juno’s feisty nature and strong will were going to make the next several months a challenge. I even gave our family the ‘nothing is sacred in this house’ talk. She might destroy everything, so be prepared. We must have patience! No spanking. No yelling. Let’s do it right. Well, we did. We immediately started training with Matthias.

To all who read this, I must say it’s been a breeze. A walk in the park. No furniture was eaten. We still have all our shoes. The cat is alive and the other dogs have accepted Juno into the pack. Juno’s intelligence is amazing.

Combine that with Matthias’s expertise in dog training (he truly knows all) and it’s a recipe for complete success. In summary, we bought a really smart, gorgeous pup from a really smart, experienced dog trainer. Can’t get any better than that!

We look forward to our next lesson with Matthias.”

Ann & Bill Garrett

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