Carol & Her Pack

By: admin | Posted on: September 14th, 2011

Gunther“Matthias, I cannot begin to thank you for your invaluable assistance with our ever so handsome male shepherd, Gunther.

I had never “shown” before, and neither had my puppy, so it was an eye-opening experience when we went to our first show in OKC! You prepared us well, and we came home with our International Youth Champion title, thanks to you!!!

Wow – who would have thought? So much fun, for both of us, and so exciting!!! You are the best! Thanks so much!”

Carol Pagnaneli and “Gunt”

DingoPexton Blue-Iris “Gunt”
2009 International Youth Champion

“Well, I didn’t know what I was getting into, when I put my hand up at the American Heart Association Ball auction, and landed this Blue Heeler, Dingo.

I have never been so grateful to be part of an obedience class. You encouraged us to roller blade together, get him on a treadmill (which he loves to this day!) and with all the training, and exercise, he is finally a happy, obedient, fun-to-be around dog – everybody that comes to the house loves the “Dink Man” – he will even sitz, platz, and hier for children! And they think that’s so special! You amaze me! I never thought it could happen. Now, Dingo is the best in obedience, agility, and protection. Pia & GuntUnbelievable – truly incredible.”

“Pia and Gunt: Just LOOK at the focus on these two pups!

That’s all because of you Matthias! See, obedience training does pay off! Isn’t this wonderful to see? Thank you, Matthias!”

Carol Pagnaneli and her pack

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