Kevin & Blu

By: admin | Posted on: September 15th, 2011

Kevin & Blu“When I first called to schedule training with Zehfuss, there was a short wait. At that point, I could’ve taken my dog to another trainer; however, I heard so much about his training that I had to see what all the talk was about.

My dog, Blu, started training when he was 3-months-old. So far, we have completed Basic Obedience and Off-Leash Obedience. So far, I am more than impressed with Blu’s training. And, I am proud to say that it was worth the wait. In fact, the results were impressive that we decided to take Blu’s training to the next level. We are now enrolled in Personal Protection.

I highly recommend Zehfuss training because it is sure to produce a balanced, well-trained dog. Zehfuss continually proves his passion for training dogs. His knowledge and his guidance have been a tremendous opportunity for us. Zehfuss is truly the Dog Whisperer of Oklahoma.

Kevin W. Shepherd

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  • Mario says:

    we’ve always pyeald tug, you just have to make sure you win most of the time. which honestly isnt hard.even my new puppy plays tug with our older dog, and the older dog lets him win about 10% of the what feels right with your dog. if he refuses to ever let you win, or gets overly aggressive, then its not a game for you guys. if he’s like our dog where they just flat out suck at it, or you can drop the toy and they know to either give it right back to you, or that the game is over and they need to give up, then its a fine game. you have to learn your dog.

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