Kristie, Katie & Maggie

By: admin | Posted on: September 14th, 2011

Katie“Before Matthias, Katie would follow us out any door. We would try to keep her in and when we succeeded, she would cry, scratch, and throw herself against the door. Since she has learned the word “stay,” we can leave and not worry about closing the door on a paw or nose. Katie is also a high energy dog, so she needs the obedience to keep control of her, otherwise she would tear the house and yard up. Katie sees class as a fun activity that she and I do together, further increasing the bond between us.”

“Maggie was a dog without any confidence. The classes she took with Matthew helped to boost her self-esteem. She used to stay in her room unless I was home and when people would come over she would go to her room as well. She no longer hides from visitors or stays in her room when I am not at home. Now she smiles all of the time.”


Kristie StuccoMaggie

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