Lamont, Debbie & Rayne

By: admin | Posted on: September 15th, 2011

Rayne Rainwater“We became the proud parents of one Rayne Majestic Rainwater, a white Doberman 2nd of February 2007, she was 10-weeks-old.

When we decided to add her to our family, we knew that it would be a lot of work. We wanted the best for her, to make her happy and to make us happy. My husband started asking around and he came across the name Zehfuss, which he was the best around, and just after 5 training sessions, we are in complete agreement.

Rayne has a boisterous personality, she is loving and she is very intelligent, but she needed guidance and my husband sought that guidance with Matthias. My husband, Lamont, is so dedicated in training Rayne, and he takes pride in what he is doing. I love watching them both when they come home from training class, and we plan on continuing with her training with Matthias.

Thank you very much!”

Lamont, Debbie & Rayne Rainwater

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