Melinda, Ty & Beau

By: admin | Posted on: September 14th, 2011

Beau & Ty“We are so lucky to have Matthias Zehfuss in our little corner of the world. I started class with just my lab puppy. After the first class, I mentioned the rivalry between the puppy, Beau, and my 2 year-old Papillon, Ty. Matthew suggested that I bring Ty to the obedience class with Beau. At first I thought he was crazy! I’m not a novice trainer, but working with both of them at the same time was not something I thought I would ever do.

After a few weeks with Matthew, I was able to take Ty and Beau on an evening walk at the same time. We are now taking an off-leah class (both dogs at the same time). We continue to see improvements in their behavior at home and in public.

We often have people ask us what we did to have such well-behaved dogs. I always say, “I called Matthias Zehfuss!”

Melinda Murch

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