Morian & Bella

By: admin | Posted on: September 14th, 2011

Bella“I recently took Bella to Zehfuss K-9 Training Center for basic obedience and help with her dog-aggression. Matthias could tell right away what was causing Bella’s aggression, and taught me what I need to do to correct it when it happens.

Also, Bella’s attention used to be grabbed by any little distraction. I couldn’t get her to pay attention to me at all. But with the homework Matthias gave me, Bella now (usually) looks at me as soon as I say her name, and comes running when I call her!

Bella has been transformed into a much more manageable (and happy!) dog, and I think I’ve been transformed into a much more confident pack leader. Thank you, Matthias!”

Morian and Bella

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