Reyn & Oreo

By: admin | Posted on: September 15th, 2011

Oreo“I’m not sure if you will remember my dog and me. We lived in Lawton a brief time almost 15 years ago. I was given a very hyper Dalmatian named Oreo that I brought to you for training or should I say myself. After 14 years last July I had to put her to sleep.

She had become paralyzed due to a back injury and I kept her as long as I could but finally had to make that decision. I cannot tell you how immensely grateful for the training that Oreo and I received from you. Your program of training both pet and parent was and is the best. As you commented to us at our last visit “you’ve come a long way with Oreo”. She turned out to be the best friend that anyone could have and thanks to you she was such a well behaved but still an energetic Dalmatian.

Everyone always commented about how sweet and good she was with people and kids. I always give advice based on what you taught me (when appropriate to do so), to people just learning to deal with their dogs. I now live in New York and want another dog, but will wait till I have more time for both of us to learn. I just wish when I do that I could come to back to Zehfuss K-9.

Thank you, for your help so many years ago.”

Reyn Rossington
New York City, New York

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