A new years Resolution with your Dog

By: mzehfuss | Posted on: January 3rd, 2012

Train your dog this year,no matter what breed,no matter what age!Train and work with them every day,at least 30 minutes.Exercise them every day,have some play time every day.Give them affection every day.

Remember our dogs are gifts to us,they need love and affection,in return the love you,with no condition,they dont lye,they dont cheat,they love you for who you are,no matter what,they are truly HONEST!


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  • Stephanie Lewis says:

    Josh and I discussed this and our new years resolution together is to work more with all the dogs and not just with Bella. Our lab is exceptionally intellegent and loving and only deserves our committment to work with her and play with her and all for no less than an hour a day!

  • mzehfuss says:

    That is great news,Bella is a real nice dog,and she started her off-leash training very well.
    Keep up the good work.

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