By: mzehfuss | Posted on: September 17th, 2013

This week dog of the week is Paul with Sedonia:

Sedonia is a 10 month old Flat Coated Retriever who has a  special spirit. She is very sweet ,very obedient,loves to work and listens to Pauls  every nuance .She loves to work and it shows.Paul and her have a great relationship and I can tell how much she loves to be with him when they come to class. They just started the agility Program ,and she is doing a great job.

Congratulation the you both.You are a GREAT Team.Keep up the great work.

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  • Clint young says:

    My dog name is Tiana. She is a 80 lb Bull Pit ( Pit Bull). She will be two years old December 2013. M. Zehfuff has been her personal Trainer since we got her March or April of 2013. Prior to contacting Zehfuss K-9 Trainer I searched the Lawton\ Fort Sill area to find a quality Trainer, or even a Trainer that would Train Pit Bulls. It was a very frustrating experience. We love our Dog, but she had some very embrassing bad habits. I also spend a lot of money on gemics, that did not work. I got to tell you, the first week of training, I immediately saw behavior improvements, and each week since then, my Family Pet and I continue to benefit from the training. I am not embarrassed to take my Dog along with me anywhere. Matthew is very patient with me and my dog. Tiana is egar to learn. I have a very happy dog!!!!. A reliable friend recommended this Trainer to me, I wanted the best affordable Training possible and that is exactly what I am getting, rain or shine,

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