Dan, Steffi & Waco

Waco“Thanks to Matthias’s training, Waco displays great manners, restraint and discipline. He is well behaved and playful. His sociability has changed a few peoples view on pit bulls. We are looking forward to the SAR program at K-9.”

Dan, Steffi & Waco


Manuela handling“Thank you, for training me from a novice handler to a professional. I couldn’t have done it without you. ”


Karol & Joe

Joe“This is Joe. I’ve been taking Joe to Zehfuss Dog Training since he was four-months-old. I don’t know what I would have done without Matthias.

Joeboxer is a typical Boxer. He is playful, strong and strong-willed. Matthias’s training is firm but gentle. He understands dogs, the breed and individual personality. But more importantly, Matthias is a great “people-trainer” helping me to understand what Joe needs and how to communicate with him.

I would recommend Matthias to anyone who is wanting a dog who is a great companion, well-behaved and obedient while maintaining his own unique personality.”


Galen, Marjorie, Sam & Tucker

Sam & Tucker“Our house was chaotic with two new puppies. After the first class with Matthias, we saw a big improvement.

Sam was not a healthy puppy when we got him. But with Matthias’s help, he is now a strong and healthy puppy. We learned so much from this class. And, the puppies did too.

We recommend Matthias and his training methods to anyone. Our house is now peaceful again. We are much happier and relaxed. And, so are Same and Tucker.”

Galen & Marjorie

Christian, Mary, Tank & Bullet

Tank & Bullet“Thank you, so much for training our wiener dogs, Tank and Bullet. We loved working with you. You really are a great Dog Trainer. You rock! AC/DC for life.”

Christian & Mary Fierabend

Macy & Travis

Macy & Travis“We love jumping though the hoops. We will be back next summer!”

Macy & Tavis

Lamont, Debbie & Rayne

Rayne Rainwater“We became the proud parents of one Rayne Majestic Rainwater, a white Doberman 2nd of February 2007, she was 10-weeks-old.

When we decided to add her to our family, we knew that it would be a lot of work. We wanted the best for her, to make her happy and to make us happy. My husband started asking around and he came across the name Zehfuss, which he was the best around, and just after 5 training sessions, we are in complete agreement.

Rayne has a boisterous personality, she is loving and she is very intelligent, but she needed guidance and my husband sought that guidance with Matthias. My husband, Lamont, is so dedicated in training Rayne, and he takes pride in what he is doing. I love watching them both when they come home from training class, and we plan on continuing with her training with Matthias.

Thank you very much!”

Lamont, Debbie & Rayne Rainwater


DM“I highly recommend Zehfuss K-9 Training Center.”

D. Mercado

Ann, Bill & Juno

Juno“We are proud owners of a pup from Gwena’s last litter, via Matthias. Her name is Juno and she is the love of our life.

I knew Juno’s feisty nature and strong will were going to make the next several months a challenge. I even gave our family the ‘nothing is sacred in this house’ talk. She might destroy everything, so be prepared. We must have patience! No spanking. No yelling. Let’s do it right. Well, we did. We immediately started training with Matthias.

To all who read this, I must say it’s been a breeze. A walk in the park. No furniture was eaten. We still have all our shoes. The cat is alive and the other dogs have accepted Juno into the pack. Juno’s intelligence is amazing.

Combine that with Matthias’s expertise in dog training (he truly knows all) and it’s a recipe for complete success. In summary, we bought a really smart, gorgeous pup from a really smart, experienced dog trainer. Can’t get any better than that!

We look forward to our next lesson with Matthias.”

Ann & Bill Garrett

Reyn & Oreo

Oreo“I’m not sure if you will remember my dog and me. We lived in Lawton a brief time almost 15 years ago. I was given a very hyper Dalmatian named Oreo that I brought to you for training or should I say myself. After 14 years last July I had to put her to sleep.

She had become paralyzed due to a back injury and I kept her as long as I could but finally had to make that decision. I cannot tell you how immensely grateful for the training that Oreo and I received from you. Your program of training both pet and parent was and is the best. As you commented to us at our last visit “you’ve come a long way with Oreo”. She turned out to be the best friend that anyone could have and thanks to you she was such a well behaved but still an energetic Dalmatian.

Everyone always commented about how sweet and good she was with people and kids. I always give advice based on what you taught me (when appropriate to do so), to people just learning to deal with their dogs. I now live in New York and want another dog, but will wait till I have more time for both of us to learn. I just wish when I do that I could come to back to Zehfuss K-9.

Thank you, for your help so many years ago.”

Reyn Rossington
New York City, New York