Jeremy, Jessica & Jabba

Jeremy & Jabba“We welcomed Jabba, aka Cujo, into our home when he was 4-years-old. At the time, he was rescued from a shelter and had a few behavior problems. He did not like new people coming to the house. And, he did not get along with our beagle, Bradley.

Now, we are happy to say Jabba is doing much better. When new people come to our house, Jabba shows restraint and discipline. He is also getting along much better with our beagle. We don’t know what we would have don’t without your help.

Thanks to your training, Jabba has become a wonderful addition to our family.

Jeremy & Jessica Sheets

Wade, Christa, Max & Moehre

Wade, Max & Moehre“We took Max (2 year old black lab) and Moehre (5 month old chocolate lab) to Zehfuss Training Center for the first time in late June. We saw drastic improvement in both dogs, even in the first session!

Max was a chronic puller, and Moehre wasn’t used to walking on the leash. Now I can walk both dogs at once, without any problems! We began off-leash training, and they continue to improve each week.”

Wade & Christa Sweeny

Kerry & Abby

Abby & friend“I purchased a Blue Heeler puppy, Little Miss Abby, early in the summer and immediately found that she was going to need something to do, a job, something to keep her busy and expel some of her energy.

I talked to Matthias about Agility class and as soon as she was old enough, we started her in classes. After she got past the initial jumps and lessons, she is jumping jumps, going though hoops and over platforms, through tunnels and even maneuvering the weave polls. She loves her classes and most importantly she loves her instructor, Matthias.

Thanks, Matthias, for all of your help.”

Kerry Bramer

Bill, Melissa, Holly & Sasha

Holly“Thank you, for you help with our Belgian Malinois, Holly.

You have helped us to make our dog more balanced and raised her self esteem where she is no longer afraid of other dogs and people. Your basic obedience, off-leash obedience and agility courses have allowed our dog to be at her full potential.

In addition, to helping with Holly, you paired us up with the newest member of our family, our German Shepard Puppy, Sasha.

Thank you, for all of your help and knowledge.”

SashaBill & Melissa Strange

Jason, Kristi & Fritz

Fritz“Fritz is such a joy. He has picked up very quickly on potty training. He goes to the door and whines when he needs to go out.

We currently have been working on leash training him as well. He loves to play with our son and three other dogs. He’s always very curious about everything going on around him. He knows where his bed is at and at 9pm he automatically goes straight to it without a word from us.

His favorite thing to play is tug of war with our bigger dog. He also loves to attack our feet and socks when you walk by him, which we are trying to break him from that. He is such a great addition to our family and we love him very much.”

Jason & Kristi Timerson

Jan & Stella

Stella“What an absolutely wonderful experience my Mastiff (Stella) and I have had in our training session each week with Matthias.

At first, I was nervous, But, with all the help and encouragement we have received, Stella and I now look forward to training classes. The sessions are one-on-one which allows Matthias the opportunity to get to know your dog and to understand what you expect to accomplish. Whether you are training for obedience, competition or somewhere in between, he knows what to do.

I was always asked if I had any questions and he was always ready with patience and an answer. His training methods are time tested and effective and we have seen wonderful results. Thank you so much.

Jan McDonald

Jennifer & Toby

Toby & Family“I wanted to let you know that Toby has been an absolute joy since training with you. We are still working with him daily but he has calmed down and loves to be around our new baby. I attached a picture of us all, Toby, Jen and Domino. He listens so much better to me and I really feel like I have control. He also is great with the baby, kissing and watching over him. He isn’t aggressive at all and is not overly protective with him which was one of my great worries.

Thank you, so much for helping me take control you not only boosted my self confidence but I think that you did him as well. Thanks again for all your help with taking control and being the leader!”

Jennifer Thompson

Glorianne & Bailey

Bailey“When I started taking my 4 month-old westie-schnauzer mix, Bailey, to the Zehfuss K-9 Training Center, she was a terror! She was constantly chewing, biting, and barking. And, on top of that she was afraid of other dogs. I was afraid that she would grow-up to be a dangerously aggressive dog. To say the least, she had no discipline.

Now, almost a year later, Bailey is doing great! She learned all of the basic commands and is currently enrolled in the agility class. She loves going to class and learning new things. She enjoys going to group class and meeting new friends. She’s even friends with Matthias! Now, 7 months older, Bailey is a well-disciplined and proud little 11-month-old pup, that plans to continue with her doggie education.

Matthias, thanks for all your hard work! You do a wonderful job, and I would recommend you to anyone looking for dog training!”

Glorianne and Bailey Rios

Lori & Jolene

Jolene“When we purchased Jolene 6 months ago, she was a lazy, out of shape Rottweiler. Six months later, with Matthias’s training and a new diet, Jolene was changed dog. With her newfound energy and expert training, she was able to pass her Canine Good Citizen (CGC) with ease. Thank you Matthias!”

Lori Hagen

Greg & Achilles

Achilles“I am very proud of my dog, Achilles. He has learned so much. We started training with basic obedience and we are now in personal protection.

I highly recommend Zehfuss K-9 Training Center.”

Greg and Achilles