Morian & Bella

Bella“I recently took Bella to Zehfuss K-9 Training Center for basic obedience and help with her dog-aggression. Matthias could tell right away what was causing Bella’s aggression, and taught me what I need to do to correct it when it happens.

Also, Bella’s attention used to be grabbed by any little distraction. I couldn’t get her to pay attention to me at all. But with the homework Matthias gave me, Bella now (usually) looks at me as soon as I say her name, and comes running when I call her!

Bella has been transformed into a much more manageable (and happy!) dog, and I think I’ve been transformed into a much more confident pack leader. Thank you, Matthias!”

Morian and Bella

Melinda, Ty & Beau

Beau & Ty“We are so lucky to have Matthias Zehfuss in our little corner of the world. I started class with just my lab puppy. After the first class, I mentioned the rivalry between the puppy, Beau, and my 2 year-old Papillon, Ty. Matthew suggested that I bring Ty to the obedience class with Beau. At first I thought he was crazy! I’m not a novice trainer, but working with both of them at the same time was not something I thought I would ever do.

After a few weeks with Matthew, I was able to take Ty and Beau on an evening walk at the same time. We are now taking an off-leah class (both dogs at the same time). We continue to see improvements in their behavior at home and in public.

We often have people ask us what we did to have such well-behaved dogs. I always say, “I called Matthias Zehfuss!”

Melinda Murch

Sarah & Akela

Akela“Our German Shepherd, Akela, is one of Gwena’s puppies from the March 2008 litter.

Akela is a wonderful, intelligent and energetic puppy; however, she has so much energy that she could easily become unmanageable without training. Matthew’s one-on-one courses have helped with everything from potty training and nutrition to basic on-leash/off-leash commands and “manners.”

Training with Zehfuss K-9 Training Center is a must! We have had so much fun!”

Sarah Owens

Susan & Her Pack

Susan's Pack“These are 3 of Matthias’ funniest students.  Each coming with his own special quirk to work on.  Matthias was up to the challenge though and with patience for both their mom and them he managed to help make them into social, park-walking dogs.  For a good laugh, watch for them and their mom at Liberty Lake Park.  Thanks for all your help Matthias.”

Susan Godlove

The Zimmer’s

Dolley“The training through Matthias is unbelievable!

Matthias started working with our Weimareiner puppy when she was nine weeks old. Within the first week, she was moving to our commands, was calmer, and was having less accidents in the house. His guidance has not only improved our puppy’s health, but her attitude as well.

Thanks, Matthias. We are looking so forward to getting Dolley started in the agility training.”

The Zimmer’s

Bridget & Cowboy

Cowboy & pack“Thank you so much for all of your help with Cowboy! He is really turning into a very wonderful dog. When you adopt an older dog you never know what you will be dealing with — I am very thankful we decided to enroll in your courses.

We look forward to our classes together every week. We are planning on continuing forward with our training, maybe agility work, that would be tons of fun!


Ashley & Sofie

Sofie & pack“Hi Matt. Just emailing some pictures of Sofie that I thought might put a smile on your face. She is the most amazing dog. She keeps me guessing that’s for sure. Her focus and drive are insane and her tenacity and persistence are unbelievable. She gets more and more lovable as time goes on. Loves to be rubbed under her chin. I couldn’t have asked for a better dog – that’s for sure.

Thanks a ton for keeping true to a breeding program that produces such amazing dogs.”

Ashley Hurley

Angela & Chewy

Chewy“When I first started taking Chewy to class, she was very aggressive. When she saw someone (or another dog) that she didn’t know, she tried to attack them. She is much better now that she has finished obedience training. She can actually walk by other people without getting all stressed out. And, she pays more attention to me.”

Angela & Chewy

Kerry & Roy

Roy“I first contacted Matthew because my hound dog, Roy, was uncontrollable and destructive. He is a very large dog, and quickly earned himself the title, ‘Roya Da Destroya’. He had begun destroying many things in our once peaceful backyard. Examples: chewed our boat trailer wires all up, mangled our hammock, chewed the insulation off our AC pipes, tore all skirting off of our trampoline, chewed all the decorative wood off our BBQ grille, tore the gutter off of our house, etc. He also jumped up on our family members, and the children had just quit gong into backyard because he scratched them, jumped all over them and ruined their clothes. As for going on a walk…. that was completely out of the question. He was so big and strong that he would literally just drag me where he wanted to go. It was obvious that our pet/owner relationship was not cohesive. MY DOG AND I NEEDED HELP. When Roy and I started with Matthew we were a total wreck. I couldn’t control Roy. He was like a wild animal, and I have to admit I was a little afraid of him. Now, after training with Matthew, I have great confidence with Roy. We go for walks and play, and he will obey commands. WOW, what a difference the training with Matthew has made. Our children can play with our dog now and I feel so comfortable with him. Matthew has been a joy to work with. He is truly fantastic at what he does. He has taught me so much and I can really relate to our Roy dog now. I can honestly say that I love being the owner of my bloodhound Roy. I look forward to continued training sessions with Matthew. My Roy dog just gets better and better with Matthews training techniques.”


Cassia & Indie

Indiana“My name is Indiana, they call me “Indie.” Feel free to interact with me. All my shots are current! Don’t get me too excited; sometimes I pee. Occasionally I really do catch my tail! I’m willing to share the remote if you’ll rub my belly. And now, thanks to Matthias’ expert training, I’m a pretty dang good dog, if I do say so myself!”

Cassia Denton and Indie