Lisa, Jasmin, Olivia & Dolly

Dolly“We met Matthias ten years ago when he helped us train our first dog, Sable. Now, many years later, we are returning to Matthias for his help with, Sadie, a Fox/Jack Russell Terrier mix (who is also a rescue dog). Dolly is a typical terrier — she’s crazy but she’s lots of fun! And, thanks to the training, she is getting better every day. It’s so much fun to watch her play and cuddle with my two little girls. Thanks, Matthias!”

Lisa, Jasmin, Olivia and Dolly

Debbie, Tom & Kimo

Kimo“Our beagle puppy, Kimo, was so sweet when we saw him, but when we brought him home he was acting like a maniac. He did the death roll on his leash and was biting and chewing. I was referred to Matthias by a friend. Matthias recommended one-on-one obedience training. The first day of class I was totally amazed by how well Matthias trained both the dog and me. Kimo was walking and sitting so well after we left class. After our 8-week training session, Kimo is behaving so much better. In class we focused on commands; heel, sit stay, down, and many other things. I highly recommend Matthias to anyone. He is extremely personable and is amazing with dogs. Thank you so much Matthias!”

Debbie, Tom and Kimo

Kristie, Katie & Maggie

Katie“Before Matthias, Katie would follow us out any door. We would try to keep her in and when we succeeded, she would cry, scratch, and throw herself against the door. Since she has learned the word “stay,” we can leave and not worry about closing the door on a paw or nose. Katie is also a high energy dog, so she needs the obedience to keep control of her, otherwise she would tear the house and yard up. Katie sees class as a fun activity that she and I do together, further increasing the bond between us.”

“Maggie was a dog without any confidence. The classes she took with Matthew helped to boost her self-esteem. She used to stay in her room unless I was home and when people would come over she would go to her room as well. She no longer hides from visitors or stays in her room when I am not at home. Now she smiles all of the time.”


Kristie StuccoMaggie

Carol & Her Pack

Gunther“Matthias, I cannot begin to thank you for your invaluable assistance with our ever so handsome male shepherd, Gunther.

I had never “shown” before, and neither had my puppy, so it was an eye-opening experience when we went to our first show in OKC! You prepared us well, and we came home with our International Youth Champion title, thanks to you!!!

Wow – who would have thought? So much fun, for both of us, and so exciting!!! You are the best! Thanks so much!”

Carol Pagnaneli and “Gunt”

DingoPexton Blue-Iris “Gunt”
2009 International Youth Champion

“Well, I didn’t know what I was getting into, when I put my hand up at the American Heart Association Ball auction, and landed this Blue Heeler, Dingo.

I have never been so grateful to be part of an obedience class. You encouraged us to roller blade together, get him on a treadmill (which he loves to this day!) and with all the training, and exercise, he is finally a happy, obedient, fun-to-be around dog – everybody that comes to the house loves the “Dink Man” – he will even sitz, platz, and hier for children! And they think that’s so special! You amaze me! I never thought it could happen. Now, Dingo is the best in obedience, agility, and protection. Pia & GuntUnbelievable – truly incredible.”

“Pia and Gunt: Just LOOK at the focus on these two pups!

That’s all because of you Matthias! See, obedience training does pay off! Isn’t this wonderful to see? Thank you, Matthias!”

Carol Pagnaneli and her pack

Susan & Rudy

Rudy“Hi, Matthias! I wanted you to see how gorgeous Rudy is now that she’s all grown up. Thanks for all the helpful things we learned during our training with you. Yeah, I know, I needed more training than she did!”

Susan Johnson
Anadarko, Oklahoma

Erin & Matilda

Matilda“This is Matilda. When we moved here, we researched trainers in the area and found the best. We went through the obedience courses and have been doing protection ever since. Matilda’s strength, stamina, and drive only get better with every class. If I have a question about dogs, I ask Matthias and trust his advice completely. We look forward to continuing training and starting with our newest German Shepherd.”


Jeff & Erica

Jeff & Erica's pooches“We have been training with Matthias for over two years. He is patient and reassuring. He also told us how to properly introduce our dogs when we had our daughter. The training has been great for both us and our dogs. I was afraid of Rottweilers, but after going through training with my boxers I gained my confidence. We now have a Rottweiler. Thanks Matthew!”

Jeff and Erica

Adrinne & Elvis

Adrinne & Elvis“Elvis used to be the “king” of the house. He also thought he was invincible and would try and attack larger breeds of dogs when we would take him for walks.
After doing the Basic Obedience¬†training, Matthew taught us the skills to deal with his aggression and he is now a much calmer dog.¬†We are just about to finish up the Off-Leash Obedience class, and we are looking forward to training him in the Agility. We also do the weekly Group Class, which has really helped with his aggression when walking him past large dogs. Thanks to Matthias, we have a well-trained dog that we can take anywhere and not have to worry about him getting into trouble.”

Adrinne Slinger

Cyndi, Pat & Weber

Weber“We finally arrived in WA, bought a house, and are now just getting settled. I’ve attached a picture of Weber for you to use on your website if you’d like. He’s doing really well on walks, sitting, etc … he’s a whole new dog, thank you! I’ve also attached a picture of our new Vizsla Wrangler. They are from the same litter, so now we have two 1-year-old Vizslas. I’m currently looking into off-leash training, so if I find some, I might ask you if they are legit. Thanks again!”
Cyndi & Pat

Derrick & Max

Derrick & Max“My dog, Max, and I have done basic obedience and we are half way done with off-leash training. We will continue with Matthias to do protection training as well as agility training. We have been training with Matthias since Max was 5-months-old and every week he continues to grow. Soon, we will show Max and plan on seeing how he competes. I would highly recommend training with Matthias.”

Derrick Bieller