Nick, Ethan & Tucker

Tucker & Ethan“This is Tucker, our four-year-old shepard, with his boy Ethan. Ethan began training Tucker at thirteen with your first obedience level. He is now working your off-leash training and is doing well. We have been happy with his progress. He is smarter then all of us. Maybe we should be training instead.”

Nick Chelenza

Susan & Bodie

Bohdi Houser, A.D.“My name is Bodhi Houser, A.D. (Agility Dog). I am an 18-month-old miniature Goldendoodle and I have been training with Matthias for most of my life. I have lots and lots of energy and I love my agility training class. Having Matthias as my trainer has been excellent for me. I can’t imagine how I would behave without his instruction! Thanks Matthias!”

Bodhi Houser, A.D. (Susan Houser)

Anastaisa, Kyetta & Zeus

Eichler Pup“My family and I have trained with Matthais for about 2 years. We’ve completed basic and advanced training. Our dogs, Kyetta and Zeus, finished the agility class and they loved every bit of it. I am pleased to say that we all love coming and are quite happy with the results.”

Anastaisa Eichler


Carol & pooches“I enjoyed training with Matthias. My dogs have transformed and learned exceptional bahavior skills from his training. I highly recommend Zehfuss K-9 Training Center! Thank you Matthias.”

Carol Hoffman

Elyse & Roxie

Roxie“I loved training with Matthias. My dog, Roxie, and I have benefited from the training in just 8-weeks. Roxie is now learning to socialize with other animals and she is doing very well.”

Elyse Waters