Zoey , practice the ' TOUCH' command.
Zoey during a practice session of the ' TOUCH ' command. We are not completely done with the exercise. This can be very helpful with obedience and protection training.
Barbara + Bella
Barbara + Bella during a agility practice session.
Zoey, 11 weeks ,first ever Training lesson
This is our new puppy Zoey.she is 11 weeks old. We just brought her home 1 1/2 days ago.She does not even know her name yet. This is her first lesson,we call it Baby steps. Please enjoy.
Mayor's hold + bark
Mayor is practicing the hold + bark exercise. This is only the 2. time that we had him OFF-Leash.
Mayor ,9 month old during protection training
This is Mayors 9. class in his protection training.You can see his 3. class on the other video,
Mayors 2.Protection Class Part 2
Mayors 2 Protection Class
This is a 9 month old German Shepherd puppy owned by Angela and Drew. This is only his second Protection Class.
Ivan hold+ bark
Ivan doing the hold + bark on the table
Ivan doing a hold +bark
Ivan practicing the hold,and the hold with a chair.
Ivan Protection Training
Ivan doing Protection Training.
Dawn + Angel,a 5 Month old Yorkie,practicing the heel,the sit and the sit stay.
Barbara and her Vizla Mocca,doing the touch and turn!
Eddie with Scout practicing the search +hold exercise.This is only the Second practice!
Karol and Joe with the TOUCH command.....a diffrent way!
Josie, during Protection Practice.
This is Josie ,my 1 year old female in her 5th Protection Class.
Piper, 3 years old teaching myGerman Shepherd some Obedience.....funny...please listen!
My Edited Video
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Blue Heeler ddoing Off Leash Obedience Training
Dingo a blue Heeler practicing the Hold + Bark.
My Movie
Jax 8 weeks playing tug.
Obedience with Josie at 8 weeks.