Severe Behavior Problems

Beagle ChewingZehfuss K-9 Training Center of Lawton, Oklahoma offers professional dog training classes that specialize in Severe Behavior Problems and Rehabilitation. Our Severe Behavior Problems and Rehabilitation classes concentrate on correcting bad habits such as urination, excessive licking, chewing, biting, digging and more. During each professional training session, you and your dog will receive special, one-on-one, attention from our expert dog trainer, Matthias Zehfuss. By the end of the course, you and your dog will correct severe behavior problems and bad habits that include:

  • abused dogs
  • shy dogs
  • rescued dogs
  • soft dogs
  • urination problems
  • excessive licking
  • chewing
  • digging
  • and more!

Winning is not always about competition. I have a true passion for rehabilitating last chance dogs and training dogs with severe behavior problems.


-Matthias Zehfuss
Certified Dog Behaviorist

Course Length

Seven 30-minute classes (one class per week)


Basic Obedience