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Group Dog Training

Zehfuss K-9 Training Center is where we offer specialized group dog training classes designed to enhance your dog's obedience and socialization skills. Led by our expert dog behaviorist, Matthias Zehfuss, our professional training sessions, and dog obedience classes provide a fun and interactive environment for both you and your canine companion.

The Main Focus

  • Basic Obedience: Teaching essential commands for better communication and control.
  • Socialization: Exposing your dog to various environments, noises, and interactions with other dogs to improve social behavior.
  • Group Walks: Practicing obedience skills in real-life scenarios, such as walks through local neighborhoods and roads.
  • Doggy Yoga (Summer Months Only): A special program designed to help dogs build strength, agility, and flexibility while providing owners with better control.
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Special Features

During the summer months, our group class includes the unique "Doggy Yoga" program, which offers numerous benefits for both dogs and owners. Doggy Yoga helps dogs develop physical strength and flexibility, while also enhancing the owner's ability to control their dog.

A Rewarding Experience

We provide seven 30-minute classes (one class per week). To enroll in our group training class, your dog must have completed both puppy kindergarten and basic obedience courses. Join us at Zehfuss K-9 Training Center for an enriching and rewarding experience that will strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend while also expanding your social circle within the dog-loving community. Contact us today to reserve your spot in our next group training class!

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