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Agility and Puppy Exercise Classes

We offer specialized agility and puppy exercise classes designed to keep your canine companion active, confident, and energetic. Led by our expert dog trainer, Matthias Zehfuss, our advanced dog training sessions provide a fun and stimulating environment for both you and your dog.

Course Highlights

  • Largest Agility and Exercise Course in the Region
  • Various Agility Obstacles, Including Tunnels, Hurdles, Dog Walks, a-frames, and More
  • Seven 30-minute Classes (One Class Per Week)
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A man and woman with dog on crutches.

Course Description

  • Mastering Various Agility Obstacles: Our course features the largest agility and exercise course in the region, with a wide range of obstacles designed to challenge and engage your dog.
  • Building Confidence and Muscle Strength: Through agility exercises, your dog will gain confidence in navigating different obstacles and develop muscle strength.
  • Increasing Energy and Agility: This program is tailored to enhance your dog's energy levels, liveliness, and agility, promoting overall physical and mental well-being.
  • Strengthening the Bond Between Dog and Owner: Participating in agility and puppy exercises fosters a stronger bond between you and your dog as you work together to overcome challenges.
  • Classes Are Limited: Due to the personalized attention each participant receives, our classes have limited availability.

Reserve Your Spot

Join us at Zehfuss K-9 Training Center and embark on an exciting journey to enhance your dog's physical fitness and mental agility and bond with you, their trusted companion. Contact us today to secure your place in our upcoming agility and puppy exercise class!

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