A dog standing on top of hay bale.



As a busy mother of three, it was challenging to focus enough to train our two Dobermans. Mathew brought focus and immediate results to the dog’s obedience training. His methods are specific, respectful, personalized, and logical. The household has settled down now that our daughters can control our guard dogs and play with them safely. Therefore, my day is better too thanks to Mathew!!!

A dog laying on top of a couch.


Shawna Bostick

“Mimi was surrender to the rescue from a woman who had taken her from a previous owner, but then decided she didn’t want her. Since she was crating her at least 12 hours a day, the rescue decided to take her. We don’t know how many homes she has had, or why she was originally re-homed, but we discovered that Mimi was deaf, which I’m sure was the cause of a lot of her misfortune.

The rescue placed Mimi in an adoptive home twice, only to have her returned both times. It is our hope, that the training she has received from the Zehfuss K9 Training Center will help her find a forever home.”

A close up of a dog laying on its back



We enjoyed going to Matthias for dog training. We definitely learned how to understand our dogs thinking much better. He always answered question and explained why we should do something his way.

A brown dog sitting in the grass with its tongue hanging out.


Rebecca Grendahl

“My two labs Rylie and King took the basic obedience class and they are doing great! I can definitely see improvement in their behavior and best of all I can take them for a walk together and they no longer pull me because I am in charge!

We all miss our classes, but hope to come back soon for another one!”

A dog jumping over the fence of an obstacle course.


Barbara & Samson

“Samson has been training with Matthias for several months now and he’s doing great! He is currently taking the agility course and he just loves it! He looks forward to our weekly training session.

Matthias has been a wonderful trainer and what a help he has been to the both of us. Samson has come along way since his first visit with Matthias. He really cares about the animals he’s training… Matthias is the “DOG WHISPERER” of Lawton!

Thank you, Matthias for all your help. Whatever the next step is with Samson we will be there!

A black dog sitting on the steps of a house.


Jennifer Hoffman

Champ and I have been working with Zehfuss for about 11 weeks now. We have already finished basic obedience training and are now work on off the leash training. He is doing very well. Zehfuss is very good at training and I would tell everyone I know that needed a trainer to go to him. I thought that it was going to be very hard to team my dog but Zehfuss made it really easy with step by step instruction. Thank you.

A dog and its puppy are standing next to each other.


Jessica S.

“We first called Matthias because we wanted to work with Ivan, our Belgian Malinois who had developed serious possessive issues and was getting hard for me to control. With a baby on the way, we knew we had to do something. I desperately sought out help for Ivan and after a couple sessions and talking with Matthias, he suggested we bring in our Chihuahua, Louis, who was the suspected culprit behind our unbalanced Malinois. My husband and I were embarrassed to bring in our stubborn Chihuahua with an attitude, but Matthias said he could work with any dog so we gave training a try. What we discovered was that we had a lot to learn and Matthias taught us about our dogs and how to work with them. Now, I can walk both dogs while pushing a stroller, our Chihuahua can sit/stay on command and we have a content working dog. I never would have expected such results but with Matthias we have the dogs we always wanted.”

A man holding a baby in his lap.


Jason L.

“Mr. Zehfuss is an excellent trainer. He cares about the dog and their owners. Trudy (pictured) started when she was ~10 weeks old and grasped on to the training very quickly. I highly recommend the obedience and off leash classes. I plan on attending more of his classes when my schedule permits. Thank you, Matthias!”

A german shepherd dog laying in the grass.


The Granger Family

“Our German Shepherd, Shadow, is one of Gwena’s puppies from the August 2007 litter.

The one-on-one training is a value that cannot be beat! Take the opportunity to have your dog trained by Zehfuss. You won’t be disappointed.

Throughout training, Matthias taught not only Shadow, but also our family. The Dog Whisperer has nothing on Matthias, he’s an Oklahoma treasure.”

A woman sitting in the back of a car with her dog.


Dena Strong Light

“Thank you, for TRANSFORMING my Rhodesian Ridgeback… or was me that you transformed?

You helped me understand the beast I was dealing with and now I have the most enjoyable dog. I thought I knew everything about dogs until I got a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Wow…. He appeared aggressive and everyone, including my vet, told me to get rid of the dog. One visit with you and you assured me that he was not aggressive- he was enthusiastic!

He just needed to be properly trained. I am in love with this dog and it is all thanks to you that he is still with me! Thanks for the confidence and perseverance. You have an amazing spirit both with people and animals. You don’t charge enough! What you can do with animals is priceless! I would encourage ANYONE to seek your advice when dealing with the beast!”

A woman holding her dog on top of a fence.


“Matthias has been wonderful. He has helped me with everything form basic obedience to teaching myself and two fighting terriers to live together happily.

I don’t know what I would have done without him. The most fun has been agility. Maddie just loves it and we have so much fun competing together! I can’t wait to see what we do with my new pups. Thank you, so much! Matthias, you are the best!”

Sarah Williams & her award-winning
Jack Russell Terrier, Maddie

Maddie’s Accomplishments:

1st Place – Agility Off-Lead at the Gulf Coast JRT Club Texas Two Step Trials in Navasota, Texas (March 2008)

1st Place – Agility Off-Lead at the Heart of America Working Terrier Trial in Lawrence, Kansas (April 2008)

1st Place – Agility at the SWJRTN Spring Fling Trial in Sulphur Springs, Texas (April 2008)

1st Place – Agility (two qualifying scores) and 1st Place – Agility Games (three qualifying scores) at the TDAA Agility Competition in Tulsa, Oklahoma (May 2008)

Two dogs sitting in the grass at night.


Paula & Gary

“Can you see the happy smiles on our dogs? It’s because we enrolled in classes at Zehfuss K-9 Training Center.

Our dogs feel more confident. It is great to have them walk beside me instead of drag me. This has made us happier dog owners.”

A dog sitting on the couch watching tv


George & Chris

“Opie loves to watch TV. She is an Aussie and Border Collie mix. Watching the bright, flashing lights goes along with her breed.

Before training, Opie was not housebroken. She would not walk on a leash; nor would she sit or stay. Now, she does all of those commands. We are now working on “come.”

Two people and a dog standing in the grass.


Chris, Jaycie and Emmitt Smith

“After reading the horror stories of damage done by Alaskan Malamutes who were bored, we quickly decided that our new puppy, Emmitt, needed to be well trained. We asked around and everyone said Matthias Zehfuss in Lawton was the best. We made the hour-long drive each Saturday anxious to see what we would learn—Matthias trained us as well as Emmitt. As predicted by Matthias, Emmitt grew into a 100 pound lovable dog who could easily have run all over us if he wanted–but he knows better thanks to Matthias!”

A man and his dog sitting in the grass.


Kevin W. Shepherd

“When I first called to schedule training with Zehfuss, there was a short wait. At that point, I could’ve taken my dog to another trainer; however, I heard so much about his training that I had to see what all the talk was about.

My dog, Blu, started training when he was 3-months-old. So far, we have completed Basic Obedience and Off-Leash Obedience. So far, I am more than impressed with Blu’s training. And, I am proud to say that it was worth the wait. In fact, the results were impressive that we decided to take Blu’s training to the next level. We are now enrolled in Personal Protection.

I highly recommend Zehfuss training because it is sure to produce a balanced, well-trained dog. Zehfuss continually proves his passion for training dogs. His knowledge and his guidance have been a tremendous opportunity for us. Zehfuss is truly the Dog Whisperer of Oklahoma.

A woman sitting on the ground with her dog.


Laura Whittemore

“Thanks for everything. I really miss our classes.”

A woman riding on the back of a scooter with a dog.


Joanne & Mimi

“When I first adopted Mimi she was an abused dog with many problems. My personal disabilities were hindering my attempt to train her. Matthias helped us develop training methods that worked for both of us. Today, Mimi is my loving and gentle “Assist” dog. Thanks, Matthias.”

A woman sitting on the ground with her dog.


Karol Zea

“You have done such a wonderful job helping me train my jackasses, cats and dogs. Thank you.”

Two dogs sitting in the grass near a tree.


Carol & David Rhodes

“We love our Pia! We cannot believe how quickly she has grown, nor how well she has melded herself into our “pack.”

You know we have a large, older shepherd, who she treats with great respect, and abounding love (sometimes too abounding for him)! Our heeler was not at all sure about her when she first arrived (so small, he thought!) but large in personality, as he found out abruptly, and her size changed so quickly that they have quickly become running and swimming buddies.

When we “rescued” a three year old golden retriever, Pia appointed herself “welcome wagon,”,and was bound and determined to teach this poor pup how to play with toys, other dogs (i.e. PIA), how to run like the wind across the fields, and other things I probably should not mention, like how to pretend not to hear the adults calling you, etc. They became fast friends, though this pup had been in an environment where she had been bitten, and beaten by the other dogs in her area, and she was extremely shy, and fearful. But she found out she couldn’t be shy with Pia around!

She is an absolute joy. It is impossible not to smile just watching her at play and enjoying life. She is absolutely at ease in almost every situation, and they are always happy to see her at the vet, and groomers, because she is so pleasant to be around, and such a sweet, gentle shepherd. She is loved, Matthias, and a very important part of our family – thank you! And thank you for working us into your schedule, because you know how she needs and loves her obedience and agility!

Thanks again! P. S. We were watching her fun tonight and remarked on how gorgeous she is!”

A woman sitting on the ground with her dog.


Christina & Abby

“Abby has changed so much since we started coming to Zehfuss K-9 Training Center.

We took other classes before coming to Matthias, but all Abby learned was, “sit.” She loves coming to school. She loves to learn and now she is fulfilling her potential.”

A man and woman with their dog in the dirt.


Rich & Glenda

“Matthias is “THE DOG TRAINER”. We contacted him for assistance in controlling “Carlie”, our head strong German Sheppard puppy. We were concerned that “Carlie” may be a super aggressive dog and we really didn’t know how to handle her.

Mathew sensed our frustration and squeezed us into his busy schedule. We went through 3 eight week training sessions and the end result is that “Carlie” is now the best dog ever! Thanks again, Matthias!”

A woman standing next to a dog in an arena.


Amy & Beast

“Thank you for all of your help preparing Beast for her CD. We couldn’t have done it without you. Classes have been a lot of fun. The two 1st places finishes were an added bonus! We look forward to training with you for the CDX Events.”

Four dogs are standing in a grassy area.


The Johnson Family

“We recommend Zehfuss K-9 Training Center for all dogs and their owners.

Our American Staffordshire Terriers are very obedient. Three out of the four Stafford shire Terriers are living in one house. And, they are very well mannered members of our household.

All of our dogs have been trained in obedience and have moved on to the agility training and group class. It’s been the best investment in our dogs we have made.”

Two dogs sitting on a couch next to a christmas tree.


Debbie, Pete & Molly

“My beagles Pete and Molly have recently enjoyed the classes that they have taken. Molly enjoys the agility and I am pleased at how fast she is learning. Pete is having fun showing off at the group class what all he has learned. Pete has come along way.

Thank you, for returning my calls and answering questions on how to care for the beagle family.”

Two men and a dog playing tug-o-war with ropes.


David Galliton
Henrietta, TX

“Max and I met Matthias almost a year ago. So far, Max has completed all of the obedience classes. And, he is now in the protection class. Over the last year, Max has truly transformed into the dog I knew he could be.”

Two dogs in a field of tall grass


Spencer, Stacia, Charles & Payton

“It has been so much fun watching the transition of our “wild things.” Our dogs have become better family members because of your class; and so have we!

Thank you for your endless patience and always taking the time to answer our questions.”

A white dog laying on the ground next to a christmas tree.


Courtney & Dolce

“Hi, I am a Bichon Frise named Dolce. My mommy says, “Zehfuss K-9 Training Center changed my life.”

Mommy never had a puppy before, so she needed some guidelines. Now, we have a schedule- I wanted some structure. I started with the easy stuff… sit, stay, etc. Now I am jumping hurdles in the agility class.

I love my trainer and I am sure you will too.”

A man sitting on the floor with his dog.


Mike & Sharon

“You are an expert animal behaviorist and dog trainer. Fifteen months ago, we purchased our small bundle of fur from you and soon began obedience training with you and now protection training. Your training is top notch. We have the finest German Shepherd around.

My family and I have strong confidence in our dog, Thor. He is a well-rounded, well trained and magnificent dog. You have the utmost integrity combined with years of experience. Thank you, for being there. You are simply the best.”

Two dogs are sitting on a floral blanket.


Sarge & Sadie

“Attending Mr. Zehfuss’s dog training classes has made a tremendous improvement to our dogs. We are now able to let the dogs run free in the house and have no more problems with them biting on toys or taking food away from our little ones.”

Two people and a dog standing next to each other.


Bob, Sally & Sky

“Thanks, Matthias. You are a great trainer.”

A woman holding a white dog in her arms.


Dan, Steffi & Waco

“Thanks to Matthias’s training, Waco displays great manners, restraint and discipline. He is well behaved and playful. His sociability has changed a few peoples view on pit bulls. We are looking forward to the SAR program at K-9.”

A brown and black puppy is looking at the camera.



Joe“This is Joe. I’ve been taking Joe to Zehfuss Dog Training since he was four-months-old. I don’t know what I would have done without Matthias.

Joeboxer is a typical Boxer. He is playful, strong and strong-willed. Matthias’s training is firm but gentle. He understands dogs, the breed and individual personality. But more importantly, Matthias is a great “people-trainer” helping me to understand what Joe needs and how to communicate with him.

I would recommend Matthias to anyone who is wanting a dog who is a great companion, well-behaved and obedient while maintaining his own unique personality.”

A man and his dog pose for the camera.


Ann & Bill Garrett

“We are proud owners of a pup from Gwena’s last litter, via Matthias. Her name is Juno and she is the love of our life.

I knew Juno’s feisty nature and strong will were going to make the next several months a challenge. I even gave our family the ‘nothing is sacred in this house’ talk. She might destroy everything, so be prepared. We must have patience! No spanking. No yelling. Let’s do it right. Well, we did. We immediately started training with Matthias.

To all who read this, I must say it’s been a breeze. A walk in the park. No furniture was eaten. We still have all our shoes. The cat is alive and the other dogs have accepted Juno into the pack. Juno’s intelligence is amazing.

Combine that with Matthias’s expertise in dog training (he truly knows all) and it’s a recipe for complete success. In summary, we bought a really smart, gorgeous pup from a really smart, experienced dog trainer. Can’t get any better than that!

We look forward to our next lesson with Matthias.”

A man and his dog pose for the camera.


D. Mercado

“I highly recommend Zehfuss K-9 Training Center.”

A girl with her dog in the grass.


Macy & Tavis

“We love jumping though the hoops. We will be back next summer!”

A white dog standing on top of a wooden platform.



“Thank you, for training me from a novice handler to a professional. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Two small dogs sitting next to each other.


Galen & Marjorie

“Our house was chaotic with two new puppies. After the first class with Matthias, we saw a big improvement.

Sam was not a healthy puppy when we got him. But with Matthias’s help, he is now a strong and healthy puppy. We learned so much from this class. And, the puppies did too.

We recommend Matthias and his training methods to anyone. Our house is now peaceful again. We are much happier and relaxed. And, so are Same and Tucker.”

Two dogs sitting on the floor next to each other.


Christian & Mary Fierabend

“Thank you, so much for training our wiener dogs, Tank and Bullet. We loved working with you. You really are a great Dog Trainer. You rock! AC/DC for life.”

A man holding onto a red leash while standing next to a dog.


Lamont, Debbie & Rayne Rainwater

“We became the proud parents of one Rayne Majestic Rainwater, a white Doberman 2nd of February 2007, she was 10-weeks-old.

When we decided to add her to our family, we knew that it would be a lot of work. We wanted the best for her, to make her happy and to make us happy. My husband started asking around and he came across the name Zehfuss, which he was the best around, and just after 5 training sessions, we are in complete agreement.

Rayne has a boisterous personality, she is loving and she is very intelligent, but she needed guidance and my husband sought that guidance with Matthias. My husband, Lamont, is so dedicated in training Rayne, and he takes pride in what he is doing. I love watching them both when they come home from training class, and we plan on continuing with her training with Matthias.

Thank you very much!”

A dalmatian dog sitting next to a bicycle tire.


Reyn Rossington
New York City, New York

“I’m not sure if you will remember my dog and me. We lived in Lawton a brief time almost 15 years ago. I was given a very hyper Dalmatian named Oreo that I brought to you for training or should I say myself. After 14 years last July I had to put her to sleep.

She had become paralyzed due to a back injury and I kept her as long as I could but finally had to make that decision. I cannot tell you how immensely grateful for the training that Oreo and I received from you. Your program of training both pet and parent was and is the best. As you commented to us at our last visit “you’ve come a long way with Oreo”. She turned out to be the best friend that anyone could have and thanks to you she was such a well behaved but still an energetic Dalmatian.

Everyone always commented about how sweet and good she was with people and kids. I always give advice based on what you taught me (when appropriate to do so), to people just learning to deal with their dogs. I now live in New York and want another dog, but will wait till I have more time for both of us to learn. I just wish when I do that I could come to back to Zehfuss K-9.

Thank you, for your help so many years ago.”

A man and his dog are posing for the camera.


Jeremy & Jessica Sheets

“We welcomed Jabba, aka Cujo, into our home when he was 4-years-old. At the time, he was rescued from a shelter and had a few behavior problems. He did not like new people coming to the house. And, he did not get along with our beagle, Bradley.

Now, we are happy to say Jabba is doing much better. When new people come to our house, Jabba shows restraint and discipline. He is also getting along much better with our beagle. We don’t know what we would have don’t without your help.

Thanks to your training, Jabba has become a wonderful addition to our family.

A dog laying in the grass with its head on two sticks.


Jeremy & Jessica Sheets

“Thank you, for you help with our Belgian Malinois, Holly.

You have helped us to make our dog more balanced and raised her self esteem where she is no longer afraid of other dogs and people. Your basic obedience, off-leash obedience and agility courses have allowed our dog to be at her full potential.

In addition, to helping with Holly, you paired us up with the newest member of our family, our German Shepard Puppy, Sasha.

Thank you, for all of your help and knowledge.”

Bill & Melissa Strange

A dog sitting on the floor looking at the camera.


Jan McDonald

“What an absolutely wonderful experience my Mastiff (Stella) and I have had in our training session each week with Matthias.

At first, I was nervous, But, with all the help and encouragement we have received, Stella and I now look forward to training classes. The sessions are one-on-one which allows Matthias the opportunity to get to know your dog and to understand what you expect to accomplish. Whether you are training for obedience, competition or somewhere in between, he knows what to do.

I was always asked if I had any questions and he was always ready with patience and an answer. His training methods are time tested and effective and we have seen wonderful results. Thank you so much.

A white dog with blue eyes and red collar.


Glorianne and Bailey Rios

“When I started taking my 4 month-old westie-schnauzer mix, Bailey, to the Zehfuss K-9 Training Center, she was a terror! She was constantly chewing, biting, and barking. And, on top of that she was afraid of other dogs. I was afraid that she would grow-up to be a dangerously aggressive dog. To say the least, she had no discipline.

Now, almost a year later, Bailey is doing great! She learned all of the basic commands and is currently enrolled in the agility class. She loves going to class and learning new things. She enjoys going to group class and meeting new friends. She’s even friends with Matthias! Now, 7 months older, Bailey is a well-disciplined and proud little 11-month-old pup, that plans to continue with her doggie education.

Matthias, thanks for all your hard work! You do a wonderful job, and I would recommend you to anyone looking for dog training!”

A man and two dogs on a boat in the water.


Wade & Christa Sweeny

“We took Max (2 year old black lab) and Moehre (5 month old chocolate lab) to Zehfuss Training Center for the first time in late June. We saw drastic improvement in both dogs, even in the first session!

Max was a chronic puller, and Moehre wasn’t used to walking on the leash. Now I can walk both dogs at once, without any problems! We began off-leash training, and they continue to improve each week.”

Two dogs in a pool of water with hose.


Kerry Bramer

“I purchased a Blue Heeler puppy, Little Miss Abby, early in the summer and immediately found that she was going to need something to do, a job, something to keep her busy and expel some of her energy.

I talked to Matthias about Agility class and as soon as she was old enough, we started her in classes. After she got past the initial jumps and lessons, she is jumping jumps, going though hoops and over platforms, through tunnels and even maneuvering the weave polls. She loves her classes and most importantly she loves her instructor, Matthias.

Thanks, Matthias, for all of your help.”

A dog laying on the couch with its paw in his mouth.


Jason & Kristi Timerson

“Fritz is such a joy. He has picked up very quickly on potty training. He goes to the door and whines when he needs to go out.

We currently have been working on leash training him as well. He loves to play with our son and three other dogs. He’s always very curious about everything going on around him. He knows where his bed is at and at 9pm he automatically goes straigh