Matthias and his first dog, “Bronson”

I feel as energetic and enthusiastic about dog training as I did the first day I started–which was over 20 years go.

-Matthias Zehfuss
Certified Dog Behaviorist

Matthias' Dog BronsonMatthias was born and raised in Pirmasens, what was then West Germany. When Matthias was 20-years-old, he purchased a bull terrier named Explorer of Prince Blizzard and named him “Bronson.” Bronson was bred from an impeccable pedigree. But, along with Bronson’s impeccable pedigree came a world-class attitude.

Shortly after discovering Bronson’s unruly attitude, Matthias decided to become a member of the Schutzhund, an exclusive club of dog trainers. It was during this time that Matthias first started learning the mechanics of his profession. In addition, Matthias spent endless hours coaching Bronson. Eventually, Bronson started to show remarkable differences in his behavior. Slowly, Bronson’s attitude started to dissipate. And, Bronson’s potential started to shine. Matthias felt enormous fulfillment. With the knowledge that he could help a dog that was as unruly as Bronson, Matthias felt ready to make the next move.

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Matthias moves from Germany to the United States

In 1986, Matthias decided to move to the United States to pursue an education in Animal Behavior. Unfortunately, he was unable to take Bronson with him. Two days before he left for the States, Matthias sold Bronson to a fellow trainer. Leaving was a difficult; however, his passion for helping dogs would not stop with Bronson. Fortunately, Matthias’s difficult decision turned into a happy reward. Shortly after Matthias moved to the States, Bronson and his new trainer achieved the German Championship, the European Championship and the World Championship. Matthias’s time with Bronson was well worth the many rewards that followed.

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Matthias becomes a Certified Dog Behaviorist

In 1988, Matthias completed his studies at a canine college and obtained an accredited degree in Animal Behavior. Matthias’s curriculum included lectures and field work in obedience, veterinary medicine, canine genetics, agitation, protection and man-trailing. Matthias’s long hours of class work and studying paid off. Because of his determination, Matthias graduated top of his class. With his newfound knowledge and determination to succeed, Matthias was armed to face his next challenge: starting a small business.

Matthias begins teaching college

Shortly after getting his business license, for Zehfuss K-9 Training Center, Matthias’s college asked him to become an instructor. Matthias excitedly accepted the position. Matthias spent the next year training and certifying other animal behaviorists. Matthias instructed classes on obedience, police work, protection and tracking.

Matthias opens Zehfuss K-9 Training Center

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After Matthias finished teaching college, he decided to move to Lawton, OK. It was in Lawton that Matthias’s entrepreneurial spirit truly began to shine. Shortly after opening his business in Lawton, Matthias was named, “Business Personality of the Month,” by a Lawton newspaper. This recognition was truly a special reward for Matthias. The personal achievement fueled him to continue sharing his knowledge.

Matthias celebrates training for over 20 years

Today, Matthias celebrates training dogs for over 20 years. Throughout the course of his career, he has achieved numerous awards and accolades as well as published various articles on animal health and animal behavior. A majority of Matthias’s students live in Lawton, Oklahoma (and the surrounding area); however many of his students have lived as far away as Tulsa, Oklahoma and Dallas, Texas.