Val, Baron & Duchess

DuchessAs a busy mother of three, it was challenging to focus enough to train our two Dobermans.  Mathew brought focus and immediate results to the dog’s obedience training.  His methods are specific, respectful, personalized, and logical.  The household has settled down now that our daughters can control our guard dogs and play with them safely.  Therefore, my day is better too thanks to Mathew!!!


Jennifer & Champ

ChampChamp and I have been working with Zehfuss for about 11 weeks now. We have already finished basic obedience training and are now work on off the leash training. He is doing very well. Zehfuss is very good at training and I would tell everyone I know that needed a trainer to go to him. I thought that it was going to be very hard to team my dog but Zehfuss made it really easy with step by step instruction. Thank you.

Jennifer Hoffman

Shawna & Mimi

Mimi“Mimi was surrender to the rescue from a woman who had taken her from a previous owner, but then decided she didn’t want her. Since she was crating her at least 12 hours a day, the rescue decided to take her. We don’t know how many homes she has had, or why she was originally re-homed, but we discovered that Mimi was deaf, which I’m sure was the cause of a lot of her misfortune.

The rescue placed Mimi in an adoptive home twice, only to have her returned both times. It is our hope,  that the training she has received from the Zehfuss K9 Training Center will help her find a forever home.

Shawna Bostick

Jessica, Ivan & Louis

Ivan & Louis“We first called Matthias because we wanted to work with Ivan, our Belgian Malinois who had developed serious possessive issues and was getting hard for me to control.  With a baby on the way, we knew we had to do something.  I desperately sought out help for Ivan and after a couple sessions and talking with Matthias, he suggested we bring in our Chihuahua, Louis, who was the suspected culprit behind our unbalanced Malinois.  My husband and I were embarrassed to bring in our stubborn Chihuahua with an attitude, but Matthias said he could work with any dog so we gave training a try.  What we discovered was that we had a lot to learn and Matthias taught us about our dogs and how to work with them. Now, I can walk both dogs while pushing a stroller, our Chihuahua can sit/stay on command and we have a content working dog.   I never would have expected such results but with Matthias we have the dogs we always wanted.”

Jessica S.


Monika's PackWe enjoyed going to Matthias for dog training. We definitely learned how to understand our dogs thinking much better. He always answered question and explained why we should do something his way.


Jason & Trudy

Trudy“Mr. Zehfuss is an excellent trainer. He cares about the dog and their owners. Trudy (pictured) started when she was  ~10 weeks old and grasped on to the training very quickly. I highly recommend the obedience and off leash classes. I plan on attending more of his classes when my schedule permits. Thank you, Matthias!”

Jason L.

Rebecca, Rylie & King

Choc Lab“My two labs Rylie and King took the basic obedience class and they are doing great! I can definitely see improvement in their behavior and best of all I can take them for a walk together and they no longer pull me because I am in charge!

We all miss our classes, but hope to come back soon for another one!”

Rebecca Grendahl

The Granger Family

Shadow“Our German Shepherd, Shadow, is one of Gwena’s puppies from the August 2007 litter.

The one-on-one training is a value that cannot be beat! Take the opportunity to have your dog trained by Zehfuss. You won’t be disappointed.

Throughout training, Matthias taught not only Shadow, but also our family. The Dog Whisperer has nothing on Matthias, he’s an Oklahoma treasure.”

The Granger Family

Barbara & Samson

Samson“Samson has been training with Matthias for several months now and he’s doing great! He is currently taking the agility course and he just loves it! He looks forward to our weekly training session.

Matthias has been a wonderful trainer and what a help he has been to the both of us. Samson has come along way since his first visit with Matthias. He really cares about the animals he’s training… Matthias is the “DOG WHISPERER” of Lawton!

Thank you, Matthias for all your help. Whatever the next step is with Samson we will be there!

Barbara & Samson


Dena's Rhodesian“Thank you, for TRANSFORMING my Rhodesian Ridgeback… or was me that you transformed?

You helped me understand the beast I was dealing with and now I have the most enjoyable dog. I thought I knew everything about dogs until I got a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Wow…. He appeared aggressive and everyone, including my vet, told me to get rid of the dog. One visit with you and you assured me that he was not aggressive- he was enthusiastic!

He just needed to be properly trained. I am in love with this dog and it is all thanks to you that he is still with me! Thanks for the confidence and perseverance. You have an amazing spirit both with people and animals. You don’t charge enough! What you can do with animals is priceless! I would encourage ANYONE to seek your advice when dealing with the beast!”

Dena Strong Light