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Dog of the week:

By: mzehfuss | Posted on: May 2nd, 2013

This week dog of the week is Krista with Nellie:

Nellie is a 5 year old Belgian Malinois who had severe PTSD .Krista’s husband is a Military Canine  Police Officer and Nellie was his service dog in Iraq.After returning the Military retired Nellie,because she developed severe PTSD. Not only Soldier,but also their dogs can and will develop this.We started training and rehabilitating Nellie about 7 or 8 month ago,and with Krista’s enthusiasm and her determination , [ Krista is actually allergic to dogs]I can proudly report that Nellie is doing great and  is  about 80 to 90 Pro-cent recovered.Krista told me that the Vets Office and the Groomer have also noticed and commented on her positive behavior change. We even started Protection training with her .She is a fantastic dog,who has a unbelievable spirit, and I can see why Krista and her husband love her so much. When we started the training  with Nellie Krista’s husband was stationed in Korea.On his 4 week R+R,he came to visit me,and watched us train Nellie.

Congratulation to Nellie , Krista and her husband and thank you for TRUSTING  me with your dog.

We already exchanged T shirts but you will also get a Free Group Class lesson!