Carol, David & Pia

By: admin | Posted on: September 15th, 2011

Pia & friend“We love our Pia! We cannot believe how quickly she has grown, nor how well she has melded herself into our “pack.”

You know we have a large, older shepherd, who she treats with great respect, and abounding love (sometimes too abounding for him)! Our heeler was not at all sure about her when she first arrived (so small, he thought!) but large in personality, as he found out abruptly, and her size changed so quickly that they have quickly become running and swimming buddies.

When we “rescued” a three year old golden retriever, Pia appointed herself “welcome wagon,”,and was bound and determined to teach this poor pup how to play with toys, other dogs (i.e. PIA), how to run like the wind across the fields, and other things I probably should not mention, like how to pretend not to hear the adults calling you, etc. They became fast friends, though this pup had been in an environment where she had been bitten, and beaten by the other dogs in her area, and she was extremely shy, and fearful. But she found out she couldn’t be shy with Pia around!

She is an absolute joy. It is impossible not to smile just watching her at play and enjoying life. She is absolutely at ease in almost every situation, and they are always happy to see her at the vet, and groomers, because she is so pleasant to be around, and such a sweet, gentle shepherd. She is loved, Matthias, and a very important part of our family – thank you! And thank you for working us into your schedule, because you know how she needs and loves her obedience and agility!

Thanks again! P. S. We were watching her fun tonight and remarked on how gorgeous she is!”

Carol & David Rhodes

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