Debbie, Tom & Kimo

By: admin | Posted on: September 14th, 2011

Kimo“Our beagle puppy, Kimo, was so sweet when we saw him, but when we brought him home he was acting like a maniac. He did the death roll on his leash and was biting and chewing. I was referred to Matthias by a friend. Matthias recommended one-on-one obedience training. The first day of class I was totally amazed by how well Matthias trained both the dog and me. Kimo was walking and sitting so well after we left class. After our 8-week training session, Kimo is behaving so much better. In class we focused on commands; heel, sit stay, down, and many other things. I highly recommend Matthias to anyone. He is extremely personable and is amazing with dogs. Thank you so much Matthias!”

Debbie, Tom and Kimo

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